Drømmesalen next week - Cacao ceremoni with Basyani


Is a space for dreaming. It is a Life Art project as well as a home. A space for shamanism & sexuality, choreography & consciousness, music & magic.

Here a small group of people celebrates a sustainably lifestyle while crafting the good life together.

We play and pray our way in a traditionally build farm on the island Møn in Denmark, close to the sea with its re-vitalizing waters and white chalk cliffs reaching up to the sky.

Everything is possible.

Every day.

Here we create, share and study medicine in various aspects available to us humans; Dancing & Dreaming, Plants & Poetry, Singing & Sleeping, Breathing & Birthing. What we feel support our species on the path of Peace. It is all about presence.

Esentially Eros & Earth – Evolving, Expressing, Expanding.

Birthing this space means embarking on a journey into the unknown in a symbiosis of contemporary and ancient cultural practices.

Join the dream!

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