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Is a space for dreaming. 

It is a living art project as well as a home.

A space for shamanism & sexuality, choreography & consciousness, music & magic.

Here we celebrate a sustainably and simple lifestyle while crafting the good life together. 

We play and pray our way on the island Møn in Denmark, with its re-vitalizing waters, open fields and white chalk cliffs reaching up to the sky.

Everything is possible.

Every day.

In this hall of dreams, on this land of love, we create, share and study medicines in various aspects available to us humans; dancing, dreaming & dying, plants, poetry & pottery, singing, sleeping & sweating, breathing, birthing & beekeeping.

What we feel support our species on the path of peace, love & harmony.

It is all about presence.

Essentially eros & earth – evolving, expressing, expanding.

Birthing this space means embarking on a journey into the unknown in a symbiosis of contemporary and ancient cultural practices.

Join the dream!

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Christine Linnea, 2015


Christine is a special woman with remarkable healing powers, insight, and knowledge; I have worked with her in several workshops and in an individual session, and my trust and faith in her grows deeper each time. Christine provides a safe, playful and nurturing space for an individual to grow in whatever way their body needs to; she facilitates spiritual, intellectual, erotic and emotional integration, and cleansing of the soul.

She has really helped me to release old habits that no longer serve me, and make room for new seeds to blossom in my life. I feel truly blessed to have met her.

(Carly, Play Therapist, England)

I could not expect that you were in fact a powerful woman-shaman, bringing us a connection to the plants and chants of the rainforest, as well as tantric-witch-like healing energies. Thank You for this gift.

My heart feels more at peace now. I feel in love, but not a love focused on a unique person, something deeper. I even felt a connection to the Vikings :)

(Solange, France)

I felt such a deep release after our session, thank you. I was also feeling myself for a while very much in your physicality somehow, your sight, the breathing, behavior as if I understood somehow how you would feel from the inside. It has been so revealing today. Very healing. I will take care of my self.

(Ruben, Dancer, Mexico)

You are the most divine as I have seen in any womb-man. Honor to see such a devoted creature with pure instinct lived. Rare animal amongst zombies. You take the right temperature and the right measure of others in the sacred circle. Such a huge contributing force.

(Martin - Alchemia Organica, Italy)

I feel my horizons have expanded. Fears have been dissolved. Again a bit more space to allow me to be sexy. I love it! Im also so grateful for the healing and the understanding that came with it. I can let go of the fear of invisible beings. Im so grateful. You are in my heart.

(Anne, Spain)

You bring the serpent up on people. I saw that. It´s the combination of what you know that works! It´s in your voice, it´s in your move.

(Dimitrios - The Music Medicine, Turkey)

I felt the presence of all my ancestors standing around me during the session. 

(Woman, Australia)

You´ve been with me all week, in the moments of coming home to trust & grace. In the moments of truth.

(William, Craniosacral therapist, England)

Individual Sessions


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An individual session is more than a massage. I am here to support you in discovering your own physical presence, energetic system, your connection to source and your own healing powers within. I work through my spirit guidance - purify your being through my touch & presence.

I offer myself and my skills for you to learn in a safe, sacred and joyful way about your body and your sacred energy to realize what you wish to let go of or plant into presence in your life.

These sessions follow a protocol of discretion and ethics that allows a respectful and holistic dialogue and experience. All sessions are crafted to the individual.

A session last between one and a half & two hours and can include elements of Shamanic Massage Medicine. Tantric Body Work. Womens Sacred Waters & Womb Awakening. Inner Alchemy. Organ & Genital Massage or specific forms of body rituals.

I usually use organic coconut oil and aroma therapy in form of essential oils and incense.
If guided to do so, I offer plant medicines from within my study.

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Financial Exchange pr. Person //

1.500 DKK / 200 EUR

Usually a personal session lasts around 1,5 - 2 hours.

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It is possible to have 1:1 sessions with Christine Linnea on skype, zoom or another online platform. 

Previously people have been asking these sessions seeking guidance, support and prayers towards health issues, relationship matters, sexual dis-functions, child birthing, ancestral healing, life transitions etc.

All is possible. It is a time for you. 

It is helpful to have formulated an intention, but not fundamental. 

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Financial Exchange pr. Person //

1.111 DKK / 150 EUR

An online session is scheduled for 1 hour.

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For all sessions please write us an email //


It is possible to request low-income or student discounts.

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I place my hands on your skin. I let a dance begin. 

Through essential touch, I touch the essence. 

I offer you my life force, to support you,

in your process of awakening,

into your being. 

I do what I know is true,

and what spirit tells me to do,

through massage, songs and vital silence. 

I offer space. 

I listen. 

Together we open gates and craft prayers for Nature to speak and manifest

 inside of your physical presence.

Calling cells back to life, 

purifying the waters, 

awakening the fire,

re-aligning through the wisdom of the inner winds.

Captivated by the consciousness of snake, 

moved by the mystery,

we transform breath into spirit, 

pain into pleasure. 

In alignment with the ancestors.

With attention, empathy & eros, 

through intuition and instinct, 

and with all my love.

Christine Linnea

Møn island

(English below)

Øen Møn har et meget unikt landskab, fortryllende lys, energi felt og natur vidundere såsom Møns Klint, hvor spektakulære hvide kalk klipper rejser sig op fra det turkisgrønne hav. Den er kendt for sine unikke mørke nætter, utroligt klare stjerner og er certificeret af IDA (Den internationale ’dark sky’ association) som den første Dark Sky Park og Dark Sky Fællesskab i Danmark.
Øen er hjemsted for nogle af de ældste egetræer og for nogle af de mest uberørte sandstrande i Danmark
Møn er også blevet anerkendt af Unesco som den første biosfære i Danmark, balancerende og anerkendende Naturens behov sideløbende med menneskers behov til begges velbefindende.

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The island Møn has a very unique landscape, enchanting light, energetic field and natural wonders such as Møns Klint (Møns Cliff), where some amazing white chalk cliffs reaches up from the turquoise-green ocean. It is know for its unique dark nights and incredible bright stars and has been certified by IDA (The international dark sky association) as the first Dark Sky Park and Dark Sky Community in Denmark.
The island hosts some of the most ancient oak trees and some of the most pristine beaches of Denmark.
Møn is also acknowledged by Unesco as the first biosphere in Denmark, balancing and acknowledging the needs of Nature alongside the needs of humans for the wellbeing of both.

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How to get here?

(English below)

Hvis du ankommer med fly er den nærmeste lufthavn Kastrup. Derfra tager du tog eller metro til Københavns Hovedbanegård. Derfra tager du toget til "Vordingborg". Lige udenfor "Vordingborg st." tager du bus nummer 664 som kører dig til Askeby. Bed chaufføren om at sætte dig af ved Dagli´Brugsen i Askeby. Derfra er der ca. 10 min. gang til Drømmesalen. Generelt tager det omkring 2 timer at komme hertil fra København.

Det eneste taxa selskab i området er beliggende i Vordingborg (ca. 40 min. kørsel fra Askeby). Derfor, hvis du ønsker at gøre brug af det, venligst ring til dem i forvejen: +45 70252525.
Online rejseplan I Danmark: www.rejseplanen.dk

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If you arrive through the sky, the closest airport is “Kastrup” (Copenhagen airport). From there you can take a regular train or a metro train to Copenhagen Central Station. From there change train to arrive at the station: “Vordingborg”. Just outside "Vordingborg station" you take a bus (number 664) that will bring you to “Askeby”. Ask the driver to drop you by the super marked in Askeby "Dagli´Brugsen". From there it is 10 min walk to the venue. Generally it takes around 2 hours to get to there from Copenhagen.

The only taxi company in the area is situated in Vordingborg (40 min drive from Askeby). Therefore, if you wish to make use of this, please call them in advance: +45-70252525.
Remember to buy your train tickets before getting on the train.
Online journey planner in Denmark: www.rejseplanen.dk

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Email: info(a)droemmesalen.dk

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